Chingati Satva Pain Relief Ingredient

Chingati Satva extract is the natural available source of Glucosamine. It is one of the naturally occurring amino glycoside in our body. The purpose of Glucosamine is to stimulate the Glycosaminoglycans which help in the building up of cartilage. Another important property of Glucosamine is to enhance the Glycoprotein metabolism that enhances the building up of connective tissues.

Origin of Chingati Satva – The Ayurvedic ingredient for pain relief

Considered as the naturally occurring substance in the body, Glucosamine is obtained through the fermentation of corn and other grains. Glucosamine from the natural source of Chingati Satva helps in the maintenance of joint structures and improve their mobility as well.

Supergin- The Ayurvedic Pain Relief with Chingati Satva

The Ayurvedic pain relief, Supergin, is a topical application in a non-greasy formula containing Chingati Satva extract as one of its ingredients. It helps in resolving osteoarthritis, joint pain, and knee pain. One of the fast actions of this Ayurvedic ingredient for pain relief is its deep penetrating action to relieve pain, stiffness, and inflammation.

Other names of Chingati Satva 
Scientific name – Glucosamine
Common name – Chingati


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What is the active ingredient in Chingati Satva?

The extract of Chingati Satva is the naturally occurring source of Glucosamine, which helps in building up the fluid in the joints that supports cartilage construction and maintenance.

Why Chingati Satva is considered best for osteoarthritis pain relief?

Glucosamine, the natural element obtained from Chingati Satva, provides pain relief in the case of osteoarthritis. It also helps to improve the movement in the affected knees. Scientific evidence also shows that glucosamine may help to prevent the joint pain from getting worse in osteoarthritis. Unlike other pain relief topical application containing chemicals, Supergin contains the natural Chingati Satva as its Ayurvedic pain relief ingredient which helps in preventing the further deterioration of the joints in osteoarthritis.

What is the use of Chingati Satva in joint pain relief?

It is found that Glucosamine, the Ayurvedic pain relief ingredient Chingati Satva along with other herbal extracts can help to relieve joint pain when applied daily. Supergin also helps to relieve joint stiffness and offer better movement.

How is chingati Satva used in knee pain relief?

A topical application of Glucosamine along with other herbal extracts is found to have a good response in relieving knee pain. The Chingati Satva extract in Supergin Ayurvedic pain relief helps to construct and maintain cartilage. It also helps to improve the knee movement.

What are the benefits of Chingati Satva in pain relief?

Benefits of Chingati Satva

  • It helps to rebuild the cartilage

  • Prevents cartilage break down

  • Exhibits chondro protective action

  • Constructs and maintains connective tissues

  • Helps in building up lubricating fluids in joints


Antibiotic and anesthetic properties of Ajwain Satva helps to reduce redness and inflammation, while its anti-inflammatory property helps to soothe the pain and swelling.

Chingati Extract

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