Gingelly or Sesame Oil Pain Relief Ingredient

The seeds of Sesamum Indicum have been in cultivation for years. Considered the oldest oilseeds, it is also known by the name of the queen of oil seeds. Sesame is an important crop grown in India as an oilseed. The sesame oil is extensively used as edible vegetable oil and as a flavour enhancer in Indian cuisines.
Origin of Sesame oil – The Ayurvedic ingredient for pain relief

Sesame is cultivated in India years ago as supported by the evidence from some of the Archaeological remnants. History also claims that sesame is also known by the name of sesemt by Egyptians. It was cultivated in Egypt during the Ptolemaic period and was used as medicinal drugs by the Egyptians.

Supergin- The Ayurvedic Pain Relief with Sesame oil

Considered as a carrier oil in most pain relief oils, Sesame oil is known to treat pain and inflammation from ancient times. Supergin Ayurvedic pain relief liniment contains the natural extracts of Sesame oil. Massaging Supergin Ayurvedic pain relief liniment on joints helps to relieve pain in arthritis and osteoarthritis.
Other Names of Sesame
Scientific name – Sesamum Indicum
Common name – Semsem, Gingelly

Regional Name
Hindi – Til, Kali til, Safed til, Gingli
Tamil – El, Ellu, Tilam
Telugu – Nuvvulu

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What are the main vital constituents of sesame oil?

The sesame seeds are found to contain dietary minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. It is also found to be rich in vitamin B and phytosterols. Mono and polyunsaturated fats in the sesame oil make it an ideal source of essential fatty acid.

What is the traditional use of sesame or gingelly oil?

The viscous nature of sesame or gingelly oil has made it one of the widely used rubefacients or massage oil. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, Sesame oil or Til tel is considered for its heat-reducing effect and is used to relieve body heat. Sesame oil also possesses muscle-relaxant property and is used as a bed-time foot massage oil to relieve joint pain, knee pain, and muscle pain.

How does Sesame oil work in Supergin Ayurvedic pain relief liniment?

The presence of Til oil or sesame oil in Supergin pain relief liniment makes it more Ayurvedic. The natural essential oil helps to relieve joint pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, and arthritic pain. Sesame oil also exhibits Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial, and Anti-pyretic properties besides promoting general health.

How sesame oil or Til tel is used for treating joint pain?

Sesame oil is usually rubbed around the joints to treat arthritis pain. Its deep penetrating action enables the oil to detoxify the deep layers of the skin and muscles. It helps in improving blood circulation and also loosens the tight muscles.

How the presence of minerals in Sesame oil helps to relieve pain?

Sesame oil or Til tel is loaded with a wide variety of nutrients including vitamins and essential minerals. These minerals include zinc, copper, calcium, and other nutrients.

  • Improves the bone mineral density

  • Speeds up the healing of bones

  • The anti-inflammatory property supports reducing the pain and swelling at joints

  • Enriched with mono-saturated fats that are good for the health of bones

  • Omega-3 fatty acids for general bone health

  • Helps to strengthen the bones and joints

  • Acts as a muscle relaxant and helps to treat fatigue


Antibiotic and anesthetic properties of Ajwain Satva helps to reduce redness and inflammation, while its anti-inflammatory property helps to soothe the pain and swelling.

Gingelly or Sesame Oil

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