Products for Pain Management and Treatment

Supergin for Pain Free Movement
Muscular skeletal pain can hinder your free movement. A wide range of pain management and treatment products are available. When it comes to natural, organic, or herbal pain management products there are only a few in the market that cater to this segment.

Natural, Organic, and Herbal Product for Pain Management and Treatment

Supergin pain management and treatment products are formulated with more care about the end-user. We ensured that all the ingredients of our pain management and treatment products are based on Ayurvedic origin. Each ingredient is naturally sourced and its extracts are obtained using modern technology to preserve the natural essence. All our pain management and treatment products are 100% vegan and organic.

Supergin acts fast. Faster than you can imagine.

Within seconds of applying you will feel instant pain relief from back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, elbow pain, knee pain, and leg pain. It helps to relieve pain from arthritis, sports injury, bruising, sprains, strains, and pain flare-ups due to diabetic neuropathy.

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Supergin – The pain relief formula you can rely on

Amusingly, pain stops you from moving ahead at the wrong moment.

In life, when you are on the verge of reaching the mountain top, the pain stops you at the crucial moment prohibiting you from doing what you love the most.

Never allow pain to hold you back. Supergin helps in managing pain effectively. The blend of potent herbal extracts makes sure that you get instant pain relief. Supergin comes in three successful formulations of ointment, liniment, and spray.

Supergin Pain Relief Liniment

Supergin Liniment is a unique blend of 14 herbal ingredients that helps to relieve all types of body pain. The potent herbal extracts in it are 100% organic plant based oils specially formulated to provide the most effective soothing treatment for back pain, hip pain, arthritis pain, and joint pain. 

Key Benefits

  • Get instant pain relief in spondylitis, muscle pain and joint pain
  • Helps in healing the weak muscles of sprain and strain
  • Soothes common body pain, gout, and joint pain
  • Alleviates arthritic pain
  • Gives instant relief for pain from sports injury
  • Quick absorbing oil ideal for massage

Supergin Pain Relief Ointment

Supergin pain relief ointment helps to relieve all sorts of pain, particularly neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, lower back pain, knee pain and joint pain. It contains 13 herbal ingredients extracted from natural source. This 100% organic pain relief ointment helps in the management and treatment of arthritis pain and other chronic pain. 

Key Benefits

  • The goodness of 13 herbal ingredients
  • Smoothing action of
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • A unique hot and cold sensation to numb pain
  • Instant relief for all type of pain
  • Non-greasy formula with a pleasant aromatic fragrance

Products Related FAQs

What is pain management and treatment product for?

Pain management and treatment products are used to manage pain like body pain, neck pain, hip pain, back pain, knee pain, joint pain, leg pain, arthritis pain etc.

Are pain management and treatment products available as OTC medicine?

Many pain management and treatment medicines are available as OTC product in the market.

Is Supergin pain management and treatment product safe to use?

Supergin is made from natural herbal extracts and it is 100% safe to use.

What are the products of Supergin pain management?

Supergin pain management and treatment products include ointment, liniment, tablets, and spray.

Where can I buy Supergin pain management and treatment products?

All products of Supergin are available throughout India at all pharmacies and medical stores. Our OTC pain relief brand is also available at all leading online stores. You can also buy Supergin from our website portal link –