Supergin Pain Relief Ointment

Supergin Ointment is an instant pain relief formula made from 13 proprietary Ayurvedic pain-relieving ingredients. It helps to relieve muscle pain, back pain, sprains, stiffness, muscle inflammation, and joint pain. Supergin Ointment is a natural, pain relief formula that is free of side effects and gentle enough for everyday use.

How Supergin pain relief ointment works?
Unlike topical pain relief ointments, Supergin contains curative ingredients that target the pain at its source. The camphor and menthol in Supergin penetrate instantly into the skin to act on the source of pain. With two to three topical applications, Supergin Ointment delivers the active ingredients into the musculoskeletal system and relieves you from pain.

What is the mode of action of Supergin pain relief ointment?
The mode of action starts with the blocking of the pain-causing agents called prostaglandins to relieve the pain, swelling, and inflammation in the affected area. It acts as a topical analgesic to provide a cooling effect on the skin and ease the pain. The specially formulated herbal extracts penetrate deep into the skin and boost tissue concentrations

When to use Supergin pain relief ointment?
Supergin pain relief ointment helps to relieve pain from the targeted area and helps to restore mobility. When you suffer from muscular pains, sprains, and strains or osteoarthritis pain in the knee or hand, you can use the Supergin pain relief ointment. It can also be used for relief from back pain, leg pain, ankle pain, foot pain, and joint pain.

How to use Supergin pain relief ointment?
Directions of Use:

  • Before application, cleanse and dry the skin of the painful muscles and joints
  • Apply liberally to the affected area
  • Gently massage without applying pressure
  • Massage until the pain relief ointment vanishes and penetrates well
  • Apply 3 to 4 times a day for two weeks or repeat as necessary

Why do so many people rely on Supergin pain relief ointment?
The Supergin Advantage

  • A proprietary Ayurvedic formula encompassing the traditional wisdom and knowledge of ancient Indian treatment and methodology
  • Contains the natural extracts of herbal ingredients that are organic
  • Its instant pain-relieving formula provides quick relief from pain
  • Reduces inflammation and muscle stiffness on the affected area instantly
  • Pleasant fragrance and a non-sticky formula make it ideal to apply

What are the ingredients of Supergin pain relief ointment?
13 Ayurvedic Ingredients:
Ajwain Satva, Camphor, Capsicum Oil, Chingati Extract, Cinnamon Oil, Gaultheria oil, Lavang Oil, Menthol, Nilgiri Oil, Nirgundi Oil, Shallaki Oil, Tamalpatra Oil, and Turpentine Oil.

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