Symptoms of Pain

Pain is a very common ailment associated with aches from worked-out muscles or pain in the joints due to old age. Some pain symptoms are mild, while some are intense. While some pain symptoms are descriptive, others are not. The symptoms of pain and its management vary according to each individual. In reality, the occurrence of pain due to any health conditions increases when you get older.

Pain symptoms are usually classified into two main types, namely acute and chronic. While acute pain symptoms might be caused by an injury and is brief, chronic pain symptoms last longer and are caused by aging or any permanent damage or injury.

Pain Management and Treatment for various Symptoms
There are various pain management and treatment options available based on the symptoms. In most cases, a combination of topical pain management treatments and therapies along with medicines are followed.

Herbal extracts for management of pain symptoms
Pain management and treatment options vary for different muscle and joint problems. Each herbal extract acts differently on the pain-inflected area. While the purpose of one herb is to penetrate the tissue, the other might act as a counterirritant, some might give a cooling sensation while others might have a hot sensation. The composition of these various herbs in the pain management product helps in identifying the best topical pain management product for various symptoms.

Supergin – Pain management products specially made to alleviate pain symptoms
Our pain management products for topical application help to relieve pain symptoms and make you live a better life, a life free from pain. The advanced formulation of our pain management products works to get your pain symptoms under control. If you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, hip pain, joint pain, or living with arthritis pain, you can use our pain management products to get instant relief from pain symptoms.

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Types of Pain Symptoms

Ankle Pain

Ankle Pain Relief

Does ankle pain after long work hours or long commutes bother you? Supergin relieves the pain instantly.


Arthritis Pain Relief

Suffering from chronic arthritis pain? Supergin Ayurvedic pain relief deeply penetrates the skin to offer pain relief.

Back Pain

Back Pain Relief

Did you strain your muscle resulting in hurting back pain? Supergin offers targeted pain relief action.

Body Pain

Body Pain Tablet

Tired of fatigue or body pain? Supergin Tablets instantly relieves your body pain and prevents morning sickness.

Hip Pain

Hip Pain Relief

Lifted heavy objects leading to strain or sprain in the lower hip? Supergin relieves hip pain instantly in minutes.

Knee Pain

Knee Pain Relief

Does your knee hurt from pain? Supergin Liniment alleviates the chronic knee pain and helps speedy recovery.

Joint Pain

Joint Pain Relief

Twisted the joints or suffering from chronic arthritis pain? Supergin gets deeply penetrated to offer instant relief.


Muscle Strain

Does excruciating pain from muscle strain make you limp? Supergin rejuvenates and relieves muscle ache.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain Relief

Did strenuous physical action or overworked your neck muscles lately? Supergin resolves neck pain instantly.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Relief

Strenuous work schedule or work stress has led to shoulder pain? Supergin helps to relieve pain off from your shoulder.


Sprain Relief

Sprained your ankle or muscle lately? Supergin helps to increase blood circulation and provide instant relief.

Wrist Pain

Wrist Pain Relief

Did inflammation and swelling lead to wrist pain? Supergin alleviates the pain on regular topical application.