Ankle Pain Relief and Treatment

Commonly, ankle pain refers to pain in the ankle due to injury to ankle bones, ligaments, and tendons or it may be caused by medical conditions like arthritis.

Characterized by ankle swelling with pain, injury to the ligament or tendons can lead to ankle stiffness that can hinder the ankle movement. In most cases, ankle stiffness is temporary and will reduce with the topical application of pain relief cream.
Pain in the ankle can be initially severe in the case of ankle pain due to damage to the ligament. In the case of acute ankle pain, initial treatment includes ice packs, rest, and limiting movement. The topical application of Ayurvedic pain relief ointment having anti-inflammatory property is considered the best ankle pain treatment.
Supergin Ayurvedic for Ankle Pain Relief

  • Provides relief from ligament or muscle injury
  • Helps to reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Helps to reduce ankle pain
  • Helps to speed up the recovery from immobilization due to ankle fracture
  • Supports fast recovery from ankle injury encountered while performing sports activity

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Ankle Pain Causes
  • Ankle injury– Any common injury like sprain or strain can cause ankle pain
  • Sprain – Sudden twist, forced move, improper landing, or sports activity can cause an ankle sprain
  • Ligament tear – Damage to the tissues around the ankle area, usually ligaments can happen when the ankle is twisted wrongly accidentally
  • Ankle fracture – Injury to the ankle bone may cause ankle pain
  • Arthritis – Inflammation of the joints due to osteoarthritis can cause swelling and pain in the ankle
Ankle Pain Symptoms
  • Any inflammation or swelling near the ankle
  • Pain in ankle and heel
  • Pain in calf muscles
  • Redness and swelling
  • Ankle in odd angle during physical injury
  • Difficulty in walking with sharp pain
Ankle Pain Treatment
  • Home treatment – Wrapping the ankle with a bandage, supporting the ankle with a brace, and using crutches if needed.
  • Ayurvedic treatment – In most cases, pain in the ankle due to sprain can be resolved by massaging the affected area with Ayurvedic pain relief oil
  • OTC medications – Although not preferred, OTC medicine can help to alleviate pain in the case of severe ankle pain
  • OTC topical pain relief -Ointments and liniments containing Ayurvedic ingredients and herbal extracts of essential oils can be used to relieve ankle pain
  • Physical recovery treatment – In the case of acute ankle pain, strengthening exercise under proper guidance can help resolve the ankle pain
  • Surgical treatment – In case of severe bone damage, ligament tear, tendon damage, or ankle fracture, reconstruction surgery is needed


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What is ankle pain?

Experienced as excruciating pain, ankle pain is any discomfort or pain in the ankle caused by any physical trauma or medical condition.

What are the ankle pain symptoms?

When it comes to ankle pain symptoms, it is commonly associated with inflammation, redness, joint swelling, excruciating pain, and less mobility or movement at the ankle. Apart from swelling and inflammation, ankle pain symptoms may also include stiffness around the ankle.

What are the causes of ankle pain?

Ankle pain might be caused due to wear and tear from daily activities. Any injury to the ankle during sports activity or while doing physical tasks can be reason behind ankle pain causes. In the case of arthritis, the breakdown of cartilage may cause ankle pain. Some of the other ankle pain causes include fracture, sprains, tendonitis, infections, and flatfoot.

How can I reduce the risk of an ankle injury and prevent ankle pain?

Following proper instructions and wearing protective gears during sports and physical training will help to reduce ankle injury and prevent ankle pain. Taking precautionary measures to ensure safety while doing daily tasks can decrease the risk of accidental injury and thus prevent ankle pain.

What is the best ankle pain treatment in Ayurveda?

Since ancient times, Ayurveda has provided the answer to ankle pain management and treatment. Topical application of a combination of herbal extracts and essential oils have been recommended in Ayurvedic treatment. The anti-inflammatory action of the pain-relieving herbs is effective in reducing inflammation, swelling, and pain.

What are the options of ankle pain treatment at home?

Ankle pain due to sprain, twisted ankle, or minor injuries can be resolved through ankle pain treatment at home.

  • Physical rest – By reducing the weight off your ankle by taking a break and resting a while helps to reduce ankle pain
  • Applying Ice – Placing an ice pack on the affected area at least 3 times a day can help resolve ankle pain
  • Elevation for ankle – Keeping the ankle a little raised will help in reducing the swelling
  • OTC pain relief medication – For unbearable ankle pain, medications can help to ease the pain and swelling
  • Topical pain relief cream – The most preferred ankle pain treatment option is the massaging of the affected area with topical pain relief cream

What are the OTC medicines for ankle pain?

A wide range of OTC pain relief medicines and topical creams are available for the treatment of ankle pain. Among them, the Ayurvedic ankle pain relief medicines sold over-the-counter are preferred for their safety and fast relief action. OTC Ayurvedic pain relief treatment includes supplements, liniments, ointments, and sprays.

How long will it take for Supergin Ayurvedic pain relief to heal ankle pain?

Supergin Ayurvedic pain relief ointments and liniments are instantly absorbed into the skin. It provides fast relief from pain, swelling, and inflammation. Depending on the severity of ankle pain, it will take 3 days to a few days to heal ankle pain. 

Why Supergin Ayurvedic pain relief is most recommended?

Supergin Ayurvedic pain relief ointments and liniments are made from a blend of 13 and 14 herbal extracts that help to relieve pain and inflammation.

How do I buy or order Supergin Ayurvedic pain relief?

Supergin is one of the leading brands of OTC pain relief products that is available at all leading medical stores and pharmacies. You can also buy Supergin Ayurvedic pain relief liniments and ointment online from the e-commerce portals.

What makes Supergin Ayurvedic pain relief so effective?

Unlike other creams, Supergin Ayurvedic pain relief ointment penetrates the skin instantly to provide quick pain relief. Most pain relief creams provide a superficial hot and cold sensation to mask the pain. But Supergin Ayurvedic pain relief ointment acts on the source of pain, the muscles and joints.