Neck Pain Relief and Treatment

Acute Neck pain is commonly used to describe pain in the neck caused by tight muscles. It might be the result of long hours of computer work or sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Acute neck discomfort generally resolves itself within one to two weeks. Some people experience it again after work or after engaging in strenuous activities. Any neck strain, poor posture, or neck injury can also lead to a neck injury.

Chronic neck pain is caused by a number of disorders and diseases like degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, cervical spondylosis, spinal stenosis, a herniated disc or pinched nerve. It lasts longer than three months.

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Neck Pain Causes
  • Poor posture- Any awkward sleeping posture or lying down on a couch or sofa can cause neck pain
  • Stress – Work stress and strenuous workload can induce acute neck sprain
  • Medical conditions – Flare-up of cervical spondylosis, arthritis, pinched nerve, infections etc. may cause neck pain
  • Neck injury- Sudden jerk while travelling or sports activity can cause neck sprain
  • Non-specific – Certain activities like gardening or overthrowing a heavy object can suddenly cause neck pain
Neck Pain Symptoms
  • Muscle tightness or spams around the neck
  • Pain that gets worse when you keep your head in a certain position during work
  • Difficulty in moving your head
  • Reduced range of motion of your head
  • Redness and swelling in the neck
  • Radiating pain in your shoulder or down the limbs
Neck Pain Treatment
  • Home treatment – Massage with pain relief rubs or essential oils
  • Ayurvedic treatment – Neck pain due to sprain is treated with pain relief liniment containing herbal extracts
  • OTC medications – For instant pain relief, Supergin pain relief tablet is ideal for severe pain
  • OTC topical pain relief –Massage with ointments and liniments containing herbal extracts of essential oils can be used to relieve neck pain
  • Physical treatment – In the case of acute neck pain, physical therapy by a physiotherapist can help to subside neck pain
  • Supportive treatment – Proper rest along with or without wearing a cervical collar may help to provide support, reduce mobility and decrease neck pain

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What is neck pain?

Neck pain, a common ailment almost experienced by everyone, is a general ache that occurs in the neck area, which is often accompanied by stiffness. In case of severity, the pain might spread to your shoulder, arms and fingers, or end up in a one-sided or double-sided headache.

How poor posture affects neck pain?

People in prolonged sitting postures, especially working with a keyboard and looking into a screen, or drivers, workers lifting heavy weights overhead are most likely to suffer from poor posture-related neck pains.

Should I keep hot packs or ice for acute neck pain?

Immediately after an injury, a cold compress is applied and after a day or two, a warm compress is applied to loosen the muscle and increase blood flow. However, in acute neck pain, a hot pack is recommended to be the best option.

Can wearing a collar help in acute neck pain?

Wearing a collar can help you to be more comfortable. In case of neck pain, it helps to provide stability to the neck for a few days until the neck pain subsides.

What are the neck pain symptoms?

Based on the severity and cause of the pain, the symptoms of neck pain will vary. Muscle stiffness, burning sensation, dull pain, difficulty in movement, and restricted range of motion are some of the symptoms.

What are the causes of neck pain?

One of the most common causes of neck pain is inappropriate working posture and prolonged use of a computer keyboard or viewing digital devices in a static position. Other reasons include worry and work stress apart from falling asleep in an awkward position. Medical conditions include soft-tissue abnormalities due to injury, or prolonged wear and tear of your bones and joints that result in cervical disc bulges.

How can I prevent neck pain?

Proper sitting posture and avoiding strenuous work can help to prevent neck pain. With regular stretch exercises that focus on relaxing and strengthening your neck muscles, you can keep a healthy lifestyle.

How can I treat neck pain at home?

Small exercises advised by practitioners can be followed at home to expedite the healing of neck pain. Stretching exercises will help to improve your flexibility and mobility. Application of topical pain relief creams and oils or taking OTC pain relief tablets in case severe pain can help.

What does Ayurveda recommend for neck pain treatment?

Neck pain is mostly managed in Ayurveda with topical application of massage oil made from a combination of herbal extracts and essential oils.

What are the OTC pain relief medicines for neck pain?

OTC pain relief tablets and topical creams are available for the treatment of neck pain. However, natural and herbal pain relief products are preferred for their safety and fast relief action.

When will my neck pain subside with Supergin pain relief?

Supergin pain relief ointments and liniments are instantly absorbed into the skin. It provides fast relief from pain, swelling, and inflammation. Depending on the severity of neck pain, it will take 3 days to a few days to resolve and reduce the neck pain.

Why Supergin pain relief is most recommended for neck pain?

Formulated from a blend of herbal extracts, it acts instantly to provide fast relief. Most recommended and preferred by leading doctors and physical therapists, it is also available over the counter at all leading pharmacies.

How do I buy or order Supergin pain relief?

From the convenience of your home, you can buy Supergin pain relief liniments and ointment online from the e-commerce portals.