Shoulder Pain Relief and Treatment

In general, shoulder pain refers to any pain or discomfort affecting the shoulder or surrounding areas. Particularly prone to injury, sprains, strains, or painful stiffness, the shoulder is the most mobile joint consisting of upper arm bone, collarbone, and shoulder blade along with several tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Shoulder pain can result from injuries, general wear and tear, and a number of inflammatory conditions. Medical conditions that cause shoulder pain include inflammation of the bursae or tendons, infection, tumor, nerve condition, arthritis, impingement, as well as instability and frozen shoulder. Another most common shoulder pain causes is the tear of rotator cuff muscle. Minor condition like muscle strain resolves by itself or with basic home treatment.

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Shoulder Pain Causes
  • Injury to shoulder – Most commonly injury like sprain or strain can cause shoulder pain
  • Sports activity – Sports activity involving overthrowing and other heavy shoulder activity can lead to muscle tear and shoulder pain
  • Rotator cuff tear – Damage to the muscles and tendons of rotator cuff results in inflammation and muscle pain
  • Frozen shoulder – Characterized by progressive pain and stiffness with loss of shoulder movement
  • Dislocated shoulder – Caused by a fall, trauma, or sports injury, shoulder instability or dislocation may occur.
  • Arthritis – joint pain, tenderness, swelling and stiffness due to degenerative conditions can cause shoulder pain
Shoulder Pain Symptoms
  • Any inflammation or swelling near the shoulder
  • Any pain, stiffness and restricted movement of the shoulder.
  • Muscle stiffness and weakness
  • Clicking and other noises when you move your arm
  • Slow onset of discomfort and swelling of the arm
  • Painful movement or inability to raise your arm
  • Shoulder pain that occurs at night and difficulty in sleeping on the affected shoulder
Shoulder Pain Treatment
  • Home treatment – Proper rest, application of ice, warm compression, and keeping an elevated position can help to resolve shoulder pain
  • Ayurvedic treatment – Shoulder pain due to sprain can be resolved by massaging the affected area with Ayurvedic pain relief oil
  • OTC medications – In the case of severe shoulder pain, OTC pain relief tablets can help
  • OTC topical pain relief –Topical application of cream containing herbal extracts or essential oils can be used to relieve shoulder pain
  • Physical recovery treatment – Rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles and following proper exercise regime to increase the range or motion
  • Surgical treatment – Tendon damage, or shoulder injury, or any fracture needs reconstruction surgery

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What is shoulder pain?

Experienced as excruciating pain, shoulder pain is any discomfort or pain in the shoulder caused by any physical trauma or medical condition.

How do you relieve shoulder pain?

Complete physical rest and avoidance of lifting heavy objects can help to relieve shoulder pain. If the cause of the shoulder pain is poor posture, then by changing the posture, it will help to relive shoulder pain. Any topical application with pain relief cream can help to reduce the shoulder pain.

When should I worry about shoulder pain?

You should seek medical attention when your shoulder pain does not subside within two to three weeks. Shoulder pain due to any injury or medical condition should also be immediately taken care of and a physician should be consulted.

What causes shoulder pain other than injury?

Other than sports injury or trauma, shoulder pain can occur due to poor posture at work or an awkward sleeping position when you sleep at night.

What is the impact of shoulder pain on the daily activities?

Shoulder, the most flexible and joint in the body, enables the arm to have a wide range of motion and helps to lift objects. So when you shoulder pain, it hinders the everyday activities. Even small activity like getting dressed or eating may become difficult. Shoulder pain over a period of time may also lead to sleeplessness, irritation, and stress.

How can I prevent shoulder pain?

Lifestyle modifications like good posture when sitting and standing, frequent breaks at work to stretch the neck and shoulders, using supportive neck pillow while travelling long distances, and avoid carrying heavy bags can help to prevent shoulder pain.

What are the reasons for shoulder pain today?

Speaking over the phone for a long time with a tilted head or tucking the phone between the ear and shoulder can increase the risk of neck and shoulder pain. Viewing of digital medium on mobiles and tablets over a long period in a head down position increases the shoulder pain.

What are the shoulder pain symptoms?

Pain in the neck, back or arm along with muscle stiffness and weakness are some of the symptoms of shoulder pain other than the loss of mobility or movement at the shoulder. Apart from swelling and inflammation, shoulder pain symptoms may also include painful movement of the arm.

What are the causes of shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can be caused by inflammation of the bursa or the wearing down of the tendon. Conditions such as osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder and rotator cuff disorders can cause shoulder pain apart from sports injuries.

How can I reduce the risk of shoulder injury?

Wearing protective gears during sports and physical training as well as taking precautionary measures to ensure safety can help to decrease the risk of accidental shoulder injury and thus prevent shoulder pain.

What are the options of shoulder pain treatment at home?

Shoulder pain due to sprain or minor injuries can be resolved by applying ice or warm compression. OTC medications like pain relief tablets can be taken in case of severe pain. A fast action pain relief spray can be used for instant pain relief.

How long will it take for Supergin pain relief to heal shoulder pain?

Supergin pain relief ointments and liniments provide fast relief from pain, swelling, and inflammation. Depending on the severity of shoulder pain, you can apply on the affected area for 3 to four days to heal shoulder pain.

How do I buy or order Supergin pain relief products?

Available at all leading medical stores and pharmacies, you can also buy Supergin pain relief liniments and ointment online from the e-commerce portals.