Supergin Targets Pain till it’s Gone

When pain stops you from doing your daily task with joy and ease, the Genie you can rely on to alleviate your pain is Supergin, the pain relief expert.

Though surprising, body pain and joint pain has really crippled not just elderly people but younger generations as well. The  unpleasant sensation of pain has created havoc not just to the body but the mind as well. Supergin can help to relieve you from pain and get you rolling on.

The Birth of Supergin

Supergin, the OTC pain relief brand was born not at the labs by some scientist doing an accidental experiment. Supergin was born intentionally with the sole purpose of solving pain. To be precise, the brand Supergin was born after overhearing the disgruntled voices of people suffering from pain.

Supergin Story

Whenever we suffer from pain, one thought that comes to all our mind is “Where is the genie that can do a magic and relive me from the pain”

We have heard those muted voices from various people. And for years we have heard the same. Whether it is a youngster having a neck pain from working long hours at office or a sports personnel gets an unexpected sports injury on the field or someone suffering from joint pain due to arthritis, the muted prayers are the same. “Is there a Genie who can save me from the pain?”

The Discovery of the Genie – Supergin

Supergin was the answer to the question, “Where is the Genie to relive me of my pain?”
At medopharm, we couldn’t find the golden lamp with the Genie inside it, but we formulated the topical pain relief medicine that acts as a solution to all your pain problems and named it after the wish Genie as Supergin.

Supergin Genie Understands your Pain

It is really painful when a musculoskeletal pain hinders your daily activities and keeps you away from doing the things that you love. Our Supergin Genie will empower you and help you move ahead.

Supergin Genie brings you a full range of topical pain relief solutions including liniment, ointment, spray and tablets that will provide instant relief from pain. Supergin acts faster within minutes and provides long-lasting relief for hours.

Fight the Pain Explore The World

Two topical pain relief formulas and one spray to fight pain and inflammation. Supergin helps to restore your body to its optimal state so that you can move ahead. Try our pain relief liniment for long-term joint pain relief and our pain relief ointment to relive various body pain.



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It Works Perfectly With Back Pain, Joint Pain & Arthritis pain

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